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Ginger Spice - Antioxidant Immunity Boosting Muesli (3 PK)

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A delightful mix of figs and apples and organic buckwheat (a natural prebiotic)– lightly sweetened with healing spices like cinnamon and cardamom and combined with psyllium husk & chicory root helps to keep you regular & moving! Ways to Enjoy: Enjoy as Vegan and Paleo friendly grain-free granola! Add to your morning oatmeal or chia pudding Add to cereal, yogurt for extra punch of grain-free FIBER & PREBIOTICS! Add to your Superfood Almond Milk! INGREDIENTS FIGS, DRIED APPLE (UNSULPHURED), BUCKWHEAT, GOLDEN FLAX SEED , PSYLLIUM HUSKS POWDER, HONEY, CHICORY ROOT FIBER, CINNAMON, CARDAMOM, SEA SALT

Ginger Spice - Antioxidant Immunity Boosting Muesli (3 PK)

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Introducing Good Habit Premium Muesli ! (pronounced - MYOO-SLI). 

This protein packed Muesli gets your day started right. Made with organic gluten free premium rolled oats for a thick, hearty and chewy bite. We then researched, sourced and selected 5 best sources of immunity boosting nuts spiced and herbs and add an extra punch of flavor to your morning routine. 

This Ginger Spice muesli is powered with Georgia pecans and  pumpkin seeds both immune boosting power houses and then we gently covered them with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves and honey.  

A bowl a day of this muesli keeps you healthy and strong for whatever the day brings on for you!  



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