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Good Habit has been Spotted & Loved By:

The Kitchn
The Oprah Magazine
Brit + Co
Atlanta Best Self Magazine

Oh, how kind!

"Good Habit makes it easy with its line of Super Topper blends like Ginger Spice, Spiced Apple & Figs, and our favorite, Vanilla Maple, which also tastes sensational in a smoothie"

- @Atlanta Journal Constitution

"I put it in a smoothie. I was a little skeptical that it would work in a smoothie but it actually blended quite nicely (I used a Cuisinart stick blender). There were no random chunks and it had a lovely texture when blended. And, I think the vanilla maple flavor really stood out (in a good way)."

- @SneakyBurrito (blogger)

"@goodhabitfood I love love your stuff!"

- @chia_veggie (instagram)

"This one is a winner. They're called Super Topper by a company called Good Habit, and the two that I tried were the Raw Superfoods Blend and the Vanilla Maple🍁. I put them on a salted caramel Greek Yogurt, and it was incredible. You can put them on ice cream, salad, yogurt, oatmeal, cold cereal, anything."

- @totlunchbox (Facebook)